Friday, April 21, 2017

It's Final Time!

This was final's week and boy what a week! We were assigned the task of finding out through a GIS analysis if the Bobwhite-Manatee transmission line placement was acceptable and feasible considering its proximity to homes, schools, daycare's, conservation lands and wetlands. To conduct this analysis we were required to define and quantify environmentally sensitive lands imposed by the transmission line, quantify homes within proximity of the transmission line, define schools and daycare's within proximity of the transmission line and to quantify length of the transmission line related to engineering cost.
This project took me about five days to complete. I was really nervous in the beginning, but as I started working through the project, I was really proud of myself from what I learned and retained from all the labs. It was time consuming and grueling, but I am confident that I succeeded. Below are the links to my power point presentation that includes my maps and analysis results and my slide-by-slide commentary. Enjoy!



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